About me

  Myhappytea is a site about short and long distance travels, travel writing and photography, passion to these fleeting moments and emotions that can be experienced only when being on the road.

I’ve once offered a tea full of spices to some good friends of mine; something like indian chai masala alike. A pinch of ginger, cardamon and cloves did the trick, they absolutely loved it and since that day, we keep calling it “a happy tea” (as a the opposite to a commonly used  version “standard”:)

Travelling and photography are the same kind of “a happy tea” to me. They give me an apportunity to run away from the routine of everyday’s life, taste something special, feel deeper and add some color to the reality.

Since I was a child, I’m chronically allergic to cold, therefore I tend to escape to some warmer parts of the planet as often as it is possible. I feel a special bond with Africa, Asia and Latin America.

I’m not that passionate about museums and religious buildings as I used to be anymore, but I’m looking for some peace and quiet “in the wild” instead. I feel the best when surrounded by world’s natural beauty – extensive landscapes and pristine wildlife.
Recently, I’ve also started to rediscover some natural wonders of my home country when initializing a new photography project “Polish National Parks”.

In my travel stories and photos, I try to share as much information and as many emotions as possible, but my main goal is to capture that particular atmosphere of each place, that “mixture of spices”, which makes it special.

Hope you enjoy!

Małgorzata Drewniak


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