Zimbabwe – the land of odds

  Zimbabwe is a strange country to me.zimbabwe_100_trillion_2009_obverse
The country, which not that long ago was experiencing the second largest hyperinflation in the world’s history, where unemployment rate shows around 90% (estimates  range from 4% to 95%, which is also weird) – but you can hardly see any signs of poverty.

The country, where supermarkets  give change in sweets, drivers drive without having a license (but sipping amarula at the wheel instead), a big stomach among men is a sign of wealth and people tend to have the weirdest names ever (i.e. Godknows, Have-a-look, Heavy Weight, Ballot Box, Problem, Lovemore, Okay, Waka Waka,..).

Zimbabwe is famous mainly for the oldest head of state and its majestic Victoria Falls, but for me it’s also a country with one of the finest sunsets on earth, fantastic wildlife and beautiful landscapes, which you cannot see anywhere else in Africa.


  • More photos from Zimbabwe in my gallery.
  • Stories from my several journeys to this country including some of my favourite place in the world – Matobo and mystical Great Zimbabwe ruins.

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